Integrated Eskrima is a Filipino weapon art taught in the context of Philippine history and culture. Principles and strategies of the art’s application are taught along with each lesson to offer the student insight and experience in addition to rote repetition of technique.

If nothing else, Eskrima and Arnis are personal expressions, not lineaged artifacts. After decades of study I was able to consolidate my masters’ teachings into my own teaching and training method. The seven masters that most influenced my expression of Eskrima are Angel Cabales, Herminio Binas, Antonio Ilustrisimo, Ramiro Estalilla, Benjamin Luna Lema, Florendo Visitacion and Remy Presas.

Integrated Eskrima presents an integration of the techniques of my teachers and each technique and concept is integrated with the others taught at the same level before new material is learned. Regarding integration of technique concept, Integrated Eskrima is most influenced by:

  • The tight maneuvering and reflex training of Angel Cabales
  • The stroke training and disarming concepts of Herminio Binas
  • The timing and sword techniques of Antonio Ilustrisimo
  • The double sticks and merging methods of Ramiro Estalilla
  • The power strikes and limb control of Benjamin Luna Lema
  • The progressive joint locks and strikes of Florendo Visitacion
  • The fundamental strikes, blocks and locks of Remy Presas




Integrated Eskrima is a system of comprehensively Linking and Integrating techniques, concepts, principles and strategies of weapon combat through the Integrated Modular Training Methodology (IMTM). What makes one art or technique more “useable” in authentic situations (as opposed to prearranged drills and applications) is proper training methods and mental attitude. In other words, the Means must justify the Ends, and in many arts the means and ends never meet. As a result of my experience of placing my ego aside and humbling myself at the hands of my teachers, I was able to see a through-line and developed the Integrated Modular Training methodology (IMTM) — a conceptual paradigm to teaching and training Integrated Eskrima.

The highest form of Integrated Eskrima is “Lusot Palisog”—a sword method that is like water flowing down stream: it moves around obstructions and fills voids and crevices, as opposed to being obstructed by them. The optimal goal of the system is to discard blocks, always move forward, and strike without being struck.


• 1 Nucleus Drill                                 • 8 Weapon Classifications

• 3 Weapon Grips                              • 10 Secondary Techniques

• 3 Timings                                           • 11 Arm Reference Points

• 3 Ranges of Engagement              • 11 Weapon Reference Points

• 4 Modes of Engagement               • 12 Training Modules

• 4 Striking Energies                         • 12 Angles of Opportunity

• 4 Supporting Techniques             • 13 Footwork Methods

• 5 Methods of Weapon Use           • 14 Striking Methods

• 6 Integral Methods                         • 19 Keywords

• 6 Modes of Movement                  • 23 Maxims

• 6 Body Gates                                      • 27 Defensive Concepts

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