After 20 years of being out-of-print, GM Wiley’s book Filipino Fighting Arts: Theory and Practice is finally back in print. 

filipino-fighting-arts-vol.-1-cover-72The fighting arts of the Philippines are so vast and dynamic that few are able to grasp the true scope and essence of their training methods, techniques and fighting strategies. With this in mind, Mark Wiley, a renowned expert on Filipino martial arts, set out to write a book on the Filipino systems that would offer a structured comparison of 25 Filipino systems in terms of their training methods and progressions, fighting concepts, theories and strategies. In researching this book, Mark traveled to the Philippines a dozen times to meet and train with the masters and to uncover the secrets of these deadly arts. Profusely illustrated with over 500 photographs, this book reveals the incredible diversity of the martial arts which thrive today in the Philippines. Many of the photographs and much of the information in this book have never before been presented to the world at large.

Dr. Mark Wiley Honored at
“Legacy of Dr. Moses Powell” Event

On January 13, 2018 in Philadelphia, members of the Sanuces Ryu Family and friends gathered in loving and martial memory of the late Dr. Moses Powell. Powell, a student of the late Prof. Florendo Visitacion, was a pioneer in American martial arts and his legacy has spread around the world. On this day, Grandmaster Sayfullah Al-Amriykiy hosted an amazing day of seminars and banquet with demonstrations and awards. Dr. Mark Wiley received the first honor of the evening, with presentation as “Holistic Healer and Martial Art Historian.”

Now Open!
Integrated Eskrima Distance Learning Program (DLP)

DLP Image Collage (sm)

This DLP features 117 individual Video Lessons with accompanying Written Instruction over 8 Courses of study up to “assistant Instructor” level. Courses include: Fundamental Structure, Weapon Grips, Striking Energies, Stances, Guards, Body Box, Fighting Ranges, Positional Gates, Modes of Engagement, Footwork Dynamics, Retreating Steps, Lateral and Advancing Steps, 12 Angles of Attack, 12 Strikes with Footwork, Striking Methods, Footwork with Striking Combinations, Essential 5-count Combinations, 4 Mode Defensive Techniques Against the Strikes, and more!

CLICK HERE to Learn More About the Courses

SOBBA Seminars & Induction Banquet

The Society of Black Belts of America (SOBBA) held its major annual seminar, induction and banquet in Orlando, FL on October 07. 2017. SOBBA was founded in 1964 by Soke Robert L. Murphy, and became the first multi-style martial arts association in the USA. The Association is devoted to the betterment of all the martial arts in the US and to the establishment and maintenance of professional standards int he arts and historical documentation (among many more things). SOBBA is today headed by Dr. Christopher M. Viggiano and Kyoshi Steve Lundquist; Dr. Mark Wiley is a Senior Adviser, as is dr. Juan Otero, the event coordinator. The event inducted 3 new Advisory Members and 14 new SOBBA inductees, including Russ L, Smith (an Integrated Eskrima teachers in Dade City, FL). Seminars were taught by GM Vincent Marchetti, Hanshi Kevin McGrath, Dr. James Horne, GM Paka Kahn, Dr. Mark Wiley, Dr. Chris Viggiano, Dr. Juan Otero, GM Bob Martin, GM James Webster, MG Louelle Lledo, MG Andy Sanano and Dr. Padre Daniel Medina. 

Mataw Guro Academy & Faculty Seminar

The Mataw Guro Academy, the educational branch of the Mataw Guro Association, conducted a two day seminar at Traditional Wing Chun Academy in Mount Luarel, NJ on September 23-24, 2017. The association is headed by MG Louelle Lledo and MG Andy Sanano, with Dr. Mark Wiley as Senior Adviser, and MG Walter Crisostomo, MG Spencer Gee, MG Marlon Hudak, MG Richard Goma and others as State Representatives. Day 1 included MGA basic course of FMA Education study. Day 2 included Style specific teachings on Amara Arkanis, Integrated Eskrima, Sanano Arnis, World Sikaran, Ultimate Eskrima, and more. Learn more about the Mataw Guro Association here and the Mataw Guro Academy here

Integrated Eskrima DLP Re-Launching!

March 31 and April 1, 2017 was spent filming the all new Integrated Eskrima DLP (Distance Learning Program) videos. We called in the video master, William Hohauser (ESPY-TV) from New York to come down and do the filming. GM Mark Wiley is honored to have two amazing IE guros, Master Phil Matedne and Master Irvin Gill assist as partners on the videos. We filmed almost 200 units of content. Sifu Tyler Rea will begin Editing next week, as I finish work on the deep dive PDF material to accompany the videos. The DLP will re-open in a few weeks. If you would like to be notified when the release is launched, and receive a Discount Code to help get started, please join Tambuli Media’s FMA Email list here

GM Mark Wiley Appointed iARNIS US Rep for 2017

An honor and privilege to again represent the Philippines Arnis Pederasyong Internasyonal, inc. (iARNIS) for the USA.


FMA Education Workshop and Book Signing

On Saturday and Sunday, February 4-5, 2017 Mataw Guros Louelle Lledo and Andy Sanano hosted a formal seminar and book signing event for their new book, FMA Education: Fundamental Core of Arnis de Mano. The book, published by Tambuli Media, covers the classical maneuvers common to all FMA styles, teaches how to teach and train, progression of movement patterns and application drills. Most of the focus is on double sticks to develop coordination and balance in movement, and this is a rare find in FMA books. The seminar took participants through the first level of the “Fundamental Core of Arnis” with more seminars to follow. Special guests included Dr. Mark Wiley (Tambuli publisher and GM of Integrated Eskrima), Dr. Chruis Viggiano (Mataw Guro Assoc Medical Adviser), Gm Bob Martin and Sifu Tom Lugo. For more information, contact Louelle Lledo ( who resides in Delran, NJ, and Andy Sanano ( who residers in Tampa, FL.

Integrated Eskrima at Burinkan Dojo

GM Mark Wiley taught a seminar at Burinkan Dojo in Dade City, FL (near Tampa) on January 21, 2017. This seminar, hosted to generate interest and celebrate the opening of an IE Branch in Florida, headed by Guro Russ Smith, included discussion of theory and strategy, range and gate, footwork and combined striking in Four Modes of Defense. Disarms and knife defense were also introduced.

Russ Smith, who heads Burinkan, holds a 6th dan in Goju-ryu Karate, a 5th dan in Matayoshi Kobudo, a 3rd Duan in Ngo Cho Kun, and an instructor in Pak Mei Pai, was promoted to 2nd Degree (Antas Dalawa) in Integrated Eskrima. Smith is well versed to run the branch classes, and it is hoped people will come out and delve into the deep, pan-Philippines fighting art from a concepts/strategies base. 

“Guro Mark Wiley, and Sensei Russ Smith, are simply top notch. Guru Wiley’s skill is unparalleled with any eskrimador I have met, and teaching/presentation methods dwarf any teacher I have met. Another great experience.” — Joshua Durham

“Today I attended an “Integrated Eskrima” seminar conducted by Mark Wiley and hosted by Russ Smith. Mark’s concepts around timing, range, and their consequences related to technique are revolutionary. If that was not enough, his teaching methods are inspired. He is able to break down complex techniques, like disarms, into manageable steps and bake the lessons into very learnable steps.” –Kevin Andrew Helleran

Disciple Class Forming

Since the passing of Sigong Alex Co and the building of the new Alex Co Memorial Gym, Dr. Wiley is now ready to open a semi-private weekly class for up to 12 dedicated people. The classes are aimed at working toward full transmission of the art, through its stages of learning, by imparting deep, drill-down information on basics, techniques, training methods, applications, strategies, principles and concepts of this deeply insightful art of Eskrima. If you are serious about training and taking time to learn and develop in the traditional manner, you are invited to email Dr. Wiley and request entrance into this Disciple Class. Class is held Tuesday evenings from 7:15-8:30, in Lansdale PA.

FMA Global Fellowship of Grandmasters and Legends
(Mesa, AZ – Sept 01-03, 2016)

I had a great time and was honored to be among the teachers at the Global FMA Gathering of Grandmasters and Legends last weekend in Arizona. GM Sam Buot and students did such a great job of pulling together this momentous event, featuring the core Balintawak GMs (Sam Buot, Bobby Taboada, Nene Gabz, Bobby Tabimina, Ver Villasin, Hilmar Siebert, David Hatch, and other GMs including Michael Giron, Dan Medina, Ron Balicki, Diana Inosanto, Tim Hartman, Richard Parsons, Harley Elmore, Oliver Reitz, Wesley Crisostomo, and more. Thanks to Guro Jhun Occidental for assisting with my teaching session.

FMA Informative – Issue 236

First World FMA Unity Seminar is featured in a special edition of the FMA Informative – Issue 236. The FMA Informative wants to thank Dr. Mark Wiley for submitting the material for this issue The 1st World FMA Unity Seminar. The event was held on June 4-5, 2016 at the Montgomery Township Community Center in Montgomery Twp, PA. The event was in support of R.A. 9850 Arnis National Sports and Martial Arts Law (Philippines), with Dr. Wiley and Datu Inocalla setting up the event in support of i-Arnis and also with the support of the Mataw-Guro Association and fully establishing the Mataw-Guro Academy.

Hall of Fame Induction – July 06, 2016
Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society

Thank you Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society for inducting me into the Hall of Fame class of 2016. I am grateful to all who came before me, taught and mentored me, and came up in the arts along side me. We are all brothers and followers on the path of self-discovery. Special thank you to Dr. Chris Viggiano for nominating me; masters John Crudup and Paul Cheng for hosting; MG Louelle Lledo, Marlon Hudak, Dr. Juan Otero, GM Bob Martin for joining me; and to my love, Kellie Bach, for her endless support. I am honored and humbled to be among so many great people at this event.

1st World FMA Unity Seminar… A Success!

June 4&5, 2016 saw the success of the First World FMA Unity Seminar in Philadelphia, PA. This is the first time an event in the USA was held with support of the iArnis, Arnis Philippines, Philippine Sports Commission, Philippine Olympic Committee, Philippine Dept. of Tourism, National Commission of Arts and Culture, and the Mataw Guro Academy.

The event featured masters from many FMA styles, including Datu Shishir Inocalla (Modern Arnis Maharlika Kali), Louelle Lledo (Amara Arkanis), Andy Sanano (Sanano Martial Art), Walter Crisostomo (UIltimate Eskrima Pinatakay), Spencer Gee (Pananandata), Dr. Mark Wiley (Integrated Eskrima), Rommel Guivesse (World Sikaran), Oliver Garduce (Pintados), Marlon Hudak (Pinoy Dragon), and special guests from Wing Chun (Keith Mazza), Isshin SHorin-ryu (Dr. Chris Viggiano), Sambo & Hapkido (Bob Clark), Karate (Bob Martin).

This was a great first event, attended by almost 80 people over two days, coming from as far as Philippines, Toronto, Nebraska, Florida, CHicago, New York and New Jersey. This event was carried out in unity of FMA and in support of R.A. 9850 Arnis National Sports and Martial Arts Law (Philippines).

GM Wiley shares Integrated Eskrima’s “Range and Gate Control” Concepts
with Maestro Bong Abenir, 
at the home of the late Sigong Alex Co, in Mandaluyong, Philippines (1995).

Dr. Wiley Visits Manila, Joins with Arnis Philippines
to Promote FMA Internationally

In Dr. Wiley’s role as Senior Adviser of Mataw Guro Association, he traveled to Manila to bring MGA’s mission to the govt. associations. He was successful in his mission, having several meetings including with Raymond Velayo (president of Arnis Philippines), Datu Shishir Inocalla (international arm of AP), and several other Grandmasters. They discussed Arnis Education, Culture and Tourism and will be uniting the goals and actions of MGA (developed by Louelle Lledo and Andy Sanano) with AP, iArnis, Dept of Tourism and Culture. Visit the new website World FMA Family.

Dr. Wiley Named i-ARNIS FMA Ambassador

Dr. Mark Wiley was special guest at the 14th Anniversary passing of Prof. Remy Presas in Manila, August 28, 2015. Along with Datu Shishir Inocalla, GM Bambit Dulay and GM Raymond Velayo, he was presented with a medal for “Ambassador of Arnis and Philippine Culture.” Also present were Modern Arnis grandmasters Pepito Robas, Rodel Dagooc, Frank Aycocho, Earl Bruce Villanueva, Victor Cusi, De La Rosa and Dada Shiveshananda, among many others. The event was covered by the Manila Times. 

Mataw Guro Academy – New Seminars, Book

Mataw Guros Louelle Lledo, Andy Sanano, Walter Crisostomo, Mark Wiley and Marlon Hudak met at Mataw Guro Assoc. HQ in Jackson, NJ to discuss MGA Academy plans and to shoot photos for the upcoming book, FMA Education, by Lledo and Sanano. Visit the book page on Tambuli Media site here

Mark Wiley Featured in New Book
on FMA Masters & Grandmasters

This book is about some the many Masters and Grandmasters of the FMA: Filipino Martial Arts. Some are well known others are relatively obscure, some are famous, others are known only by their skill but they all have in common their love for the Filipino Martial Arts and their connection through training, friendship, heritage or lineage with GM Bram Frank. Click here for more information and ordering.

Dr. Wiley Named “Senior Adviser” to Mataw Guro Association

On May 10, 2015 Dr. Mark Wiley was named Senior Adviser to the Mataw Guro Association by MGA President, Louelle Lledo, and  member of  Society of Black Belts of America, by Dr. Chris Viggiano. Presented at Sifu Art Eng’s Eskrima USA / Philadelphia Wing Chun, Philly Chinatown.

Dr. Wiley UFOMA Hall of Fame “Publisher of the Year”

Dr. Mark Wiley Awarded “Publisher of the Year – Tambuli Media” UFOMA Hall of Fame Banquet, Joy Tsin Lau in Philly Chinatown – May 9, 2015. Thank you Dr. John Hsi Lee, Dr. Chris Viggianno and MG Louelle Lledo for this honor.

Private training with Grandmaster Wilson Nonong Vinas

Nonong hails from Bacolod, Philippines and is the son of the legendary Jose Vinas, who was teacher to so many great masters, including Herminio Binas, Remy Presas, Joe Tan, Leo Gaje, Jerson Tortal and others. Dr. Wiley had the chance to train privately with him intensively for 8 hours, gaining the deep details of the Vinas system. 

Dr. Mark Wiley contributes to new anthology “Indo-Malay Martial Traditions”

There seem to be more martial art styles in Southeast Asia than the number of islands in the region. Many arts are kept private, taught in secluded areas away from the public. These are arts of the older tradition, developed when combative knowledge was valued for its use in protecting the sanctity of life. This first of a two-volume anthology brings together a great collection of writings by authors who dive into the deepest realms of Indo-Malay combatives. They offer readers a rare viewing of martial traditions that is usually hidden behind social shrouds of secrecy and a clannish quest to preserve individual tradition. For more information click here

GM Daniel Siazon of Tenio De Cuerdas Eskrima
came to visit and honor me with some Eskrima play.

Dr. Wiley shared our concepts of “controlling gate, range and time.” Thank you Guro Phil Matedne for arranging.

Mark and Daniel

Dr. Mark held a private class on Integrated Eskrima for members of Doce Pares Canada
in Toronto, at invitation of Doce Pares Canada head, Guro Joel Espedido. 10/2014

2014-11-02 18.36.45

Dr. Mark Wiley Guest Grandmaster
at  Promotion for
Amara Arkanis, Mataw Guro Association,
Sword Stick Society and Society of Black Belts. 
Hosted by
Eskrima USA, Philadelphia Chinatown, September 27, 2014. 

New Article on Eskrima Disarms
Featured in “Dragon’s Way Journal”

DLP student, Sensei Jeff Ramsey
visits Monday Knights Class!

Jeff Ramsey Aug2014

Back: Austin, Richard Oliver, Irvin Gill, James Link
Front: Phil Matedne, Mark Wiley, Jeff Ramsey

Integrated Eskrima Seminar in Montreal, Canada
April 27, 2014

Dr. Mark Wiley will teach a joint seminar in Montreal, Canada with Dr. Robert Cory Del Medico on April 27, 2014. His session will be focused on Integrated Eskrima knife defenses, strikes, zones, gates and opponent control. Dr. Del Medico’s session will be on detailed Qi Gong and Nei Kung training for developing internal strength and energy enhancement. Click Here for More Information…

GM Wiley to Teach at “Martial Melding” Seminar
January 11, 2014

Come spend a day with three masters of three different arts: Mark Wiley (Filipino Eskrima), Irvin Gill (American Kenpo), Michael Aloia (Japanese Aikido), and experience how a single technique can be demonstrated, dissected and applied from a variety of weapon, empty-handm joint and throwing methods. Hosted by Integrated Eskrima International and Aikido United International and held at Eagleville Tae Kwon Do Academy in Norristown, PA.

GM Dr. Mark Wiley Teaching in Virginia on December 08, 2013
Philippine Typhoon Benefit Relief Seminar


Martial Artists alike would like to invite you all on a benefit seminar December 8th from 09:00am – 4pm. This is a donation only seminar and all proceeds will go to the Philippine Typhoon appeal via American Red Cross. Please support this effort in any way, by attending, donating, or just saying a little prayers. You can help people affected by disasters like [floods, fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes*], as well as countless crises at home and around the world, by making a donation to support American Red Cross. More information here…

“The Ground Never Misses” – Blog
“Mastering Eskrima Disarms” – Book Review

Disarming Book Cover

Dead Turkey day is literally right around the corner and I cannot think of a more appropriate martial art to discuss then the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) of Eskrima / Arnis / Kali!?  And what better topic then Mark Wiley’s latest book, “Mastering Eskrima Disarms.” A long overdue text on common defensive measures found in all styles and subsystems of the FMA (and really in all martial arts), addressing disarms would seem simple, but when looking at the broader scope of the subject we find it to be much more difficult to organize and pedagogically formulate.  I am grateful that a seasoned researcher such as Mark Wiley tackled this subject, as I consider him the Tom Clancy of FMA writing. 

Mark Wiley is a special kind of duck.  Not only are his research skills top notch, but he has a kind attitude and honest love for the arts that grant him unprecedented access to teachers in all sub-styles of the FMA; something unheard of within a traditionally closed off and paranoid culture… Read the full blog review here…

GM Wiley to be Featured on “Way of the Balisong” Documentary

Director Paul Factora will be interviewing Dr. Mark Wiley as a featured historian and guest on the upcoming documentary, “Way of the Balisong.” From the Batangas region of the Philippines, to the cutlery factories of Oregon-USA, to the practitioners and aficionados connected by the World Wide Web, this film examines the origins, history and culture of the notorious Balisong Knife. Well-known from its appearance in films and popularity among blade enthusiasts,  often overlooked is the small town which made the knife famous, now struggling to maintain its identity in a modernizing world. Click Here for More Information.

GM Dr. Wiley to be Featured on Cage Radio & Black Belt TV

BlackBeltTVCage Radio
Joey Krebs will be covering Dr. Mark Wiley’s Integrated Eskrima seminar on Eskrima Strategies, Methods and Concepts for a feature on Black Belt TV and Cage Radio. Don’t miss this multi-media coverage of GM Wiley’s in-depth information and dynamic teachings!

Philippine Typhoon Relief Fundraiser
Eskrima Seminar & Book Signing in Los Angeles
November 17, 2013

LA Seminar
Don’t miss the very rare opportunity to see Dr. Mark V. Wiley, GM of Integrated Eskrima International, in action on Sunday, November 17, 2013. He will be teaching advanced strategic concepts from Integrated Eskrima, healing arts, lecturing and doing a book signing. Many grandmaster featured in his book will be present as special guests, and also available for photos and book signing. Sign up now as space is limited!
Click Here for More Information.

GM Mark Wiley “Live” Video Interview on MyFMA.Net
November 08, 2013

Wiley FMAnet InterviewMY FMA NetThomas Ivers spent 30 hours reading every book Mark Wiley wrote and then listened to all his posted interviews and put together a career and life spanning set of questions for this 2hr interview on the life’s work and passion of Dr. Wiley. Click Here to Watch the Live Streaming Interview.

Dr. Mark Wiley Promoted to 10th Dan Grandmaster in Arnis
at Marikinia Sports Complex, Philippines, in September 2013
by SGM Vicente Sanchez and the Kali Arnis International Federation

September 22, 2013 SGM Hamsa Jumawan, president of Modern Lightning Kali Arnis de Mano FMA Association, Inc. presents Mark Wiley with Certificate of Grandmaster and Russ L. Smith with Certificate of Lakan-2 (2nd Degree) of recognition in the art of Integrated Eskrima.  

Mark Wiley and Russ Smith visit Manila to meet with leading masters.
Integrated Eskrima Singapore rep, Steven Wang, joins them.

New Book Released, May 23, 2013

Tambuli Front Cover
20 Years ago saw the publication of Tambuli: Journal of the Filipino Warrior Art’s Association. Although the publication only had three issues, it was a milestone in the exposure of Filipino martial arts in the West. It also marked the original research material that Mark V. Wiley collected and later published in his groundbreaking book, Filipino Martial Culture. This 57-page, 20th Anniversary Edition, includes all three original issues, with a number of the photographs re-scanned and placed for clarity, in addition to additional photographs of the diverse collections of masters who made up the journal’s Advisory and Mentor Boards. These include such luminaries as Leo Giron, Ramiro Estalilla, Gilbert Tenio, Toby Tobosa, Dionisio Canete, Herminio Binas and Onofre Escorpizo.

Tambuli Journal includes stories featuring Angel Cabales, Florendo Visitacion, Herminio Binas, Antonio Diego, Antonio Ilustrisimo, Carlito Landa and Sri Ganshyam Jaynagerker, and the arts of Cabales Serrada Escrima, Binas Dynamic Arnis, Vee Arnis-Jitsu, Kuntaw-Lima-Lima, Kalis Ilustrisimo, Hagibis, Pananandata Balisong, and more. So much information, so many styles and so much support packed into three mere issues. This collection is finally available after 20 years!

Only $9.95

Youth Eskrima Classes Now Open!
Eskrima Kids

Integrated Eskrima is now being taught for children, with a separate ranking system made easy and fun! The kids class, taught by Malik Bebee, is held on Saturday mornings in NE Philly. Integrated Eskrima Youth Class * Saturdays 1:00 – 2:30 pm* 1601 Hellerman St, Philadelphia, PA 19149. Contact Malik for more details



Integrated Eskrima Systems International is proud to announce that it is implementing a comprehensive Distance Learning Program (DLP) curriculum for students and teachers who wish to learn or continue their study in a location where our branch clubs do not yet exist. This is not a “mail order” certificate program, but a robust training system with guidance and direction directly from Integrated Eskrima founder and president, GM Dr. Mark V. Wiley. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Dr. Mark Wiley Featured Guest on “Dynamic Dojo Talk Radio”(April 29, 2013)

Dynamic Dojo

Dr. mark Wiley was interviewed on various aspects of Chinese and Holistic Medicine and Filipino and Chinese martial arts, by show co-hosts Sifu Robert Deahl and Sifu Restita DeJesus.  A “Thank you” to author and FMA practitioner Mark V Wiley… Our show was soooooo fun and informative with Guro Mark V Wiley !! We’d love to have you on as a guest co-host one of these days as well!! Thank you so much for joining us tonight! Robert Deahl and I had a blast!!! – Sifu Restita”

Dr. Mark Wiley Featured Guest on “Modern Combat Masters” Show
(March 27, 2013)

Modern Combat Masters Logo

On march 27, 2013 Dr. Mark had the honor of being the featured guest on the “Modern Combat Masters” blog radio show. “join GM Darrell & Sifu Restita as they welcome Dr./Master Mark V. Wiley to the show. Dr. Mark Wiley is a Doctor of Oriental & Alternative Medicine, and is one of only 16 people issued a masters certificate from the late Grand Master Angel Cabales. He has taught seminars in the USA, Europe and Asia as well as having traveled and trained in the Philippines on no less than 15 separate occasions, not to mention his multiple trips to Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong and having lived in Japan.” To listen to the broadcast, CLICK HERE.

Integrated Eskrima Featured in the “FMA Informative”


GM Mark Wiley is honored to have been featured in several recent issue of Steven K. Dowd’s “FMA Informative” publication. “The FMA Informative is designed for the Filipino martial arts community to tell others about the Filipino martial arts, their Organization, Federation, Association, style and about themselves or others. To give their prospect views or contribution of knowledge of the Filipino martial arts and the culture of the Philippines. Now also the FMA Informative covers other martial arts their concepts, theories etc.” To read issues and subscribe, CLICK HERE.

Dr. Mark Wiley Featured Guest on “FMA TALK LIVE!”

FMA Talk Live logo

On February 15, 2013 Dr. Mark had the honor of being the guest on the established “FMA Talk Live” Blog Radio Show. “We will be chatting with Mark Wiley, Author, Doctor, and Martial Artist extraordinaire. Our hosts will be Datu Tim Hartman, Guro Federico Malibago, Guro John Bednarski, Guro Mark Basel and anyone else we can convince to join in on the madness.” To Listen to the hour long show about Dr. Mark’s travels, training and books, CLICK HERE.

New Book Released, February 14, 2013


“Mark V. Wiley has a deep understanding of Eskrima. One really must be at a certain level themselves in order to fully appreciate it!”Martial Arts Illustrated

“Martial arts grandmaster, doctor of Oriental medicine, author and publisher, Mark V. Wiley is in a class of his own.” Masters Magazine

In Mastering Eskrima Disarms you will learn the disarming techniques of over 30 different styles of Eskrima, Kali, Arnis and Kabaroan, including 22 Supporting Structures and 9 Essential Principles of Effective Disarms, the 3 Ranges and 4 Modes of Engagement, 2 Positional Gates, 3 Joint Control Concepts, 5 Footwork Methods, and 5 Grip Release Concepts most essential to mastering Eskrima disarms.

This masterful text contains 935 photographs illustrating 135 techniques from 33 styles of Filipino martial arts as demonstrated by dozens of its greatest legends. Don’t miss your chance to see the art as performed by its legends. Grab your copy today! CLICK HERE TO BUY!

World Serrada Escrima Federation Endorses Dr. Mark Wiley

WSEF logo

Eloquent, Educated & Prolific in FMA Propagation. It is known throughout the Filipino Martial Arts as well as Martial Arts industry as a whole, there is no more dedicated researcher and author that Dr. Mark Wiley.  His efforts in fact finding, exploration and study of many systems of the FMA are known world wide.  Without his dedication to date, many of the founders of many FMA would not be known to this day. Through Dr. Wiley’s publications that the name of GM Angel Cabales became well known.  It is through Dr. Wiley’s self determination and perseverance which allowed him to provide us all with his gift of knowledge from many of the GrandMasters no longer with us.  As in the past Dr. Wiley is continuing with his preservation of knowledge by releasing additional publications, documenting the outstanding technique and knowledge in FMA.  The WSEF, GM *D* and myself  GM *S* are looking forward to continued cooperation, collaboration and support with GM Mark Wiley. Congratulations GM Mark Wiley & continued success. –GM *S*, President of the World Serrada Escrima Federation

Dr. Mark Wiley Featured Guest on SideKick Talk Radio
(January 13, 2013)

SideKickRadio Image

Dr. Mark Wiley Interviewed by Guro Mike Schwarz of
World Serrada Escrima Federation & Defensive Combat Initiatives

WSEF Interview Pic


I am honored to be featured in “Masters Magazine” of martial arts, published by Empire Media. Editor-in-Chief Jose Fraguas interviewed me and promoted it in a 10 page story on my research, training and teaching in the Philippines and Filipino martial arts and Ngo Cho Kung-Fu. I discussed my training with the late legendary grandmasters: Angel Cabales, Antonio Ilustrisimo, Remy Presas, Herminio Binas, Benjamin Luna Lema, Florendo Visitacion and others. You can download the article along with the full issue by Clicking Here.


I am honored to have be featured in the new reference book, The Martial Arts Directory, the North American Who’s Who in martial arts.,, Themartial and SIDEKICK Publications team up to bring you the best of the best for 2012. Learn the history and biographies of the masters and instructors that shape the world of martial arts in the United States and Canada today. Legends like Cynthia Rothrock, Eric Lee, Jason Lau, Dr. Mark Wiley and many others are all in this one large reference book. Great Masters past and present share their stories of success and training in the world of martial arts. Get your copy on Here.

Mark Wiley Featured In Black Belt Magazine Profile…

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