Sifu Robert Chu

“Grandmaster Mark Wiley’s DLP is the best. It is informative and to the point, he takes you from basic concepts and principles and first makes you proficient with the solo baston and then takes you into other weapons. His approach is so well thought out, that only without practice, can you not succeed in upping your game. I highly recommend his DLP! Learn why his DLP and training methodologies will change your skills and knowledge base!”

—Sifu Robert Chu
DLP Member & Author of Complete Wing Chun

Sensei Russ Smith

“Integrated Eskrima is skill-based, principle-driven, and logically-progressive. I can’t recommend this highly enough to anyone who has dabbled in Filipino Martial Arts and would like to take their skills to a whole new level. Guro Mark’s approach is clear, progressive, logically-sound, results in useful skills, and is principle-driven from start to finish.”

— Sensei Russ L. Smith
DLP Member & Author of Principle-Driven Skill Development

Sifu Keith Boggess

“Dr. Mark Wiley has created both a framework and a model that takes Filipino Martial Arts to a level of true mastery. With his Integrated Escrima, Dr. Wiley shows how to analyze a style to identity its strategic goals and its methods to achieve those goals. The result—a style is appreciated for its intent and not judged for its shortcomings. But Integrated Escrima is also a model—its own style—culled from the wisdom of masters imparted to Dr. Wiley personally.  He has organized their teachings through the strategic goal of using technique to get to the opponent’s weakest positions.  More importantly, he strives to impart mastery to his students.  He unselfishly provides layers of details for every strike, footwork, or tactic. At some point, the student finds his or herself applying the lessons in other areas of life. Integrated Escrima is a Way accessible to today’s individual.”

— Sifu Keith Boggess
DLP Member & Kung-Fu teacher

Sifu Jason Ward

“Guro Mark Wiley has put many miles into his training. His extensive research into the Filipino Martial Arts has given him rare insights into the art of Eskrima. He has proven himself not just as a student of Eskrima but also as a teacher, tirelessly sharing not just his research but also his insights. Guro Wiley’s Integrated Eskrima Distance Learning Program is well thought out, organized, and easy for the distance student to study and progress their Eskrima in a. Integrated fashion. This DLP program is well worth it and a must for the serious FMA student.”

— Sifu Jason Ward
DLP Member & Head of Bak Lam Kung-Fu

Master Nelson Pinto

“Well what I really can say, so much indeed!!! This online distance program offers you a possibility to train with one of the best in the FMA World, a researcher and as a martial artist. The Program is super structured and highly organized, with video, texts and manuals, it’s easy to follow and learn. Grand Master Wiley have a plethora of knowledge that was acquired from several of his FMA teachers, trips to Philippines and research, all in one, free of politics and with an amazing result! Integrated Eskrima!!!

— Master Nelson Pinto
DLP Member & Korean Martial Arts Teacher

Prof. Dan Anderson

“Structure, alignment, angling, flow, timing, movement, distancing, recognition, leveraging, sensitivity and coordinated motion are all key principles of the Filipino martial arts and are found within disarms. THIS is what makes Mark V. Wiley’s new book so interesting, as these details are explained in vast detail!”

— Prof. Dan Anderson
DLP Member & Author, Modern Arnis for the Millennium

GM Angel Cabales & Mark Wiley (1990)

“Mark Wiley is a true master in every sense.”

– Grandmaster Angel Cabales
Father of Escrima in the USA

“Mark’s research and writing faithfully espouse the very soul of the warrior arts of the Philippines. Mark’s extensive research into and coverage of the Philippine weapon arts—the popular as well as the obscure— does much to clarify and preserve the individual concepts and philosophies that make each unique while at the same time alike.”

— Grandmaster Reynaldo S. Galang
International Director, Bakbakan International

GM Tony Somera

“Mark V. Wiley is indeed one of the leading authorities on the Filipino martial arts. I have known Mark to be truthful, honest, and sincere. I truly respect him as a writer, as a practitioner, and as a man. Much of his research came out of his own curiosity to discover firsthand what these arts are truly about. And he has indeed given us all a greater and more in-depth awareness of our rich and beautiful cultural heritage. His selfless efforts are highly commended.”

— Grandmaster Antonio E. Somera
Bahala Na Association

“We highly recommend that anyone who is serious about Filipino martial arts read Master Mark Wiley’s works and keep them at hand.”

— Grandmaster Pat O’Malley
British Council of Kali Eskrima Arnis Instructors

Tuhon Krishna Godhania

“[We] owe a debt of gratitude to Mark V. Wiley. For he has set to all those who come after him a formidable standard. Yet, that is no less than one would expect of him.

— Tuhon Krishna K. Godhania
Author of Eskrima: Filipino Martial Art

Gm Mike Del Mar

“An ancient art that is surviving in modern times is shown new light by Master Mark Wiley.”

— Grandmaster Mike Del Mar
Del Mar School of Filipino Martial Arts

GM Remy Presas and
GM Joe Breidenstein

“Mark Wiley’s books are classics in the field. His research is thorough, his teachers are legends and his skills are unmistakable. In short, Mark is the man.”

— Grandmaster Joe Breidenstein
10th Dan, International Modern Arnis Federation

GM Arthur Gonzalez

“I, as Grandmaster of DeCuerdas-Diestro system from Stockton, California, approve of and recommended Master Mark Wiley.”

— Grandmaster Arthur Gonzalez
Kilohana Martial Arts Association

SGM Anthony Davis

“Because of his many tedious long years as a keen researcher within the area of the various distinctive methods of Filipino martial arts, GM Mark V. Wiley is now in the eyes of many martial arts practitioners one of the primary authorities of clarity when it comes to a better understanding of the underlying principles and foundation that give to the various FMA their true value and inherent validity.”

— SGM Anthony Davis
World Serrada Escrima Federation

Master Peter Lewis

“Master Mark Wiley has a unique capacity to blend a meticulous eye for technical detail with a robust academic approach to researching and promoting the Filipino martial arts. After decades of research, focus and commitment, Master Mark has achieved the highest standard in several systems of the Filipino martial arts and as a prolific author of many books, he continues to inspire the next generation of practitioners.

— Master Peter Lewis
Bakbakan International – UK Chapter

“We cannot recommend highly enough, for anyone remotely interested in Filipino martial arts, Guro Mark Wiley’s Integrated Eskrima program. The instructional method is clear, rational, and progressive and leads to live skill development. If you can’t get to an instructor, join the Distance Learning Program (DLP) and then travel to an instructor for assistance when you can.” — Okinawa Kobudo Doushi Rensei-Kai

“Mark V. Wiley has a deep understanding of Eskrima. One really must be at a certain level themselves in order to fully appreciate it!”  Martial Arts Illustrated (UK)

“Martial arts grandmaster, doctor of Oriental medicine, author and publisher, Mark V. Wiley is in a class of his own.”  Masters Magazine

“Mastering Eskrima Disarm is the perfect guide to no non-sense, practical, well-explained and demonstrated applications of disarms. Concise and to the point, this book settles the myth that disarming is nothing but fancy moves and puts it in the perspective that it is knowledge, skill, and common sense. If you haven’t got this book yet it is a must.” FMA Informative

“Dr. Wiley breaks down the techniques into a series of overlapping categories so that you can see how all the options are related. I would easily recommend this book to any of my martial arts friends. I think it has pertinent information and can be applied to many different types of arts.” —Martial Thoughts

“Like Magellan, Wiley has opened a new route to the Philippines through his adept treatment of Escrima.” — Journal of Asian Martial Arts