How is Integrated Eskrima different than other FMA styles?

Integrated Eskrima is a specific way of learning, training, and teaching Filipino martial arts (FMA). It is not a ‘style’ but a ‘method’ of approaching the material in a modular fashion. Emphasis is placed on principles, theory, strategy, body mechanics, and defensive/offensive technique understanding in terms of timing, range, gate, and mode. The techniques (content) is similar to many other FMA systems, but the method (context) of training is different.

What are the components of the IE DLP Apprentice program?

There are 8 Courses to the Apprentice DLP program, delivered via videos and PDF downloads. These can be accessed and viewed on any computer, pad, or smart phone.

Does GM Wiley offer direct feedback to the members of the DLP?

Yes. DLP members will log into the private DLP Facebook group and ask questions and post videos of themselves. GM makes comments and corrections beneath each posting, which benefits the DLP members posting the question or video, and all other who review it.

What if I want more specific feedback?

More specific and direct feedback is done during private video training sessions, or in person. It is advisable to schedule between 1 and 3 private sessions per course, to help develop and advance.

Is there a place where the DLP members communicate with one another?

Yes, there is a private group on Face Book (one per DLP Course level) where members communicate with one another, ask questions, and post videos.

Is there a time limit to complete the DLP?

No, it is up to each student. However, you must pass a rigorous test to become certified as an Integrated Eskrima Apprentice. The more one trains, posts videos for comment, and books private training for deep drill-down corrections, the faster they will advance.

Can a someone just enroll in specific coruses, and not follow the sequence?

No. This is a training program specifically designed by GM Wiley to nurture and develop Apprentice instructors in Integrated Eskrima. Everyone, regardless of rank or style, must begin with Course 1 and follow the sequence of all 8 courses.

How is rank achieved?

Post-Covid. DLP members will are invited to join one of our training weekends where in-person testing will take place. Once all 8 Courses of the Apprentice DLP are completed members can test to be recognized as an Apprentice in Integrated Eskrima.

How soon can a DLP member begin training others?

A DLP member who has completed at least the first 5 Courses can ask permission to become a DLP Group Leader in their area.

Is there a uniform required?

Just an Integrated Eskrima T-Shirt.

Aside from the Apprentice DLP, are there future DLP programs to keep progressing in Integrated Eskrima?

Yes. After the Apprentice Program, there are the Ambassador Program and the Master Program.

Who can join the Integrated Eskrima Distance Learning Program?

Anyone can join. But if they do not follow the rules or caused trouble, they will be expelled.

How do I know if Integrated Eskrima DLP is right for me?

If you are looking for an FMA system that is progressive and principle based, this is the one for you.

What is the best way to get started?

Click here to get the first course free and see how it goes.

What if I have difficulties logging or accessing the DLP information?

Just send an email and GM Wiley will respond as soon as possible to make sure you have access.